Kanye West Listed As Vice President Candidate On The California Ballot

Kanye West Listed As Vice President Candidate On The California Ballot. Rapper Kanye West is now an official vice presidential candidate. The rapper is now on the California ballot, it seems that his race for president is taking many turns and he is now an eligible vice president candidate.

Kanye West is now on the California ballot as a vice president candidate for the presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra. The rapper was nominated by the American Independent Party (AIP) and be is now on the country elections online final qualified list. Even though Kanye has been pushing to be on the California ballot as president he got on the ballot as vice which is still hopeful for him.

Ye has made a few ballots as presidential candidate, but now his race is taking a perplexing turn which may be still an achievement for the rapper. The rapper previously ran for president as a Democrat before going the Independent route. but now as he is under AIP it shows that the independent route is a better option.

Many are surprised on why Kanye is on the ballot as VP when he has been persistent in being president. he is now running as VP for Rocky who is a care dealership owner and the two are unique presidential options as they not deeply into politics like the other candidates.

Kanye has spend millions to get on the ballots of many states, his run has not been completely profitable as he did not make it on all the ballots he hoped to make it on. But the rappers presidential run is still on and soon his fate wit=ll be decided as voting is to take place in just a month.

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