Cardi B Apologizes After Being Accused For Supporting Terrorism

Cardi B Apologizes After Being Accused For Supporting Terrorism. Cardi B is now in hot water after she had promoted a fundraiser for Armenia, the fundraiser came across as the rapper promoting terrorism as she did not know details about the situation in the country. Cardi has now taken to social media to share a number of apologies and sharing the mistake she has done it=n terms of the fundraiser promotion she made,

Cardi B has received backlash this week after she promoted a virtual fundraiser for Armenia. The fundraiser post she shared was amid Armenia having escalating major conflict with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-karabakh. The post which Cardi shared on her Instagram story came across as her supporting Armenia and was fundraising for victims of military conflict, the female rapper did know full details on the cause she was fundraising for.

The post by the “Bodak yellow” rapper sparked a hashtag stating “#cardibsupportsterrorism”, it seems that Cardi was taking sides in the disputes in Armenia. The female rapper after being notified on what her post had been resulting in, she decided to share a two part recorded audio tweet apology explaining that she did not do her research before posting the fundraiser flyer.

The 27 year old rapper said in the audio tweet “And we said Sure why not? We love to support everybody. And then I wake up and I see a lot of people form Azerbaijan writing me things, writing me stuff, and I did not know that this is a war between two countries”. Cardi went on to share about her time in Azerbaijan, she also praised Armenia for their beauty and rich history. She ended off saying that she wishes both countries would be at peace.

Cardi B made it clear that she was not picking sides in terms of the conflict and that she was not promoting terrorism. She apologized to everyone that she may have offended with her post, she said “I’m not picking sides. I love both countries. I’m sorry that I offended anybody, that is not my style… we just really wish peace and that’s it”. The posts by the rapper were just mistake she made by not doing research before sharing the fundraiser flyer.

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