Chance The Rapper Shares A Thread Of His Favorite Lil Wayne Bars

Chance The Rapper Shares A Thread Of His Favorite Lil Wayne Bars. Chance The Rapper took to social media to share a list if his favorite bars by rapper Lil Wayne. he surely recognizes Weezy’s ability of being a lyrical genius and him being able to create sick bars in his music. Many fans jumped on the thread and also shared their favorite bars by Lil Wayne.

Chance The Rapper is showed some love for his fellow rapper Lil Wayne by sharing a thread of his favorite bars by Lil Wayne. The rapper took to social media on Twitter just a few days ago on the 27th of September 2020. Chance shared about 4 bars and a album link and shared that he considers the whole hook in the first verse on the song “No Sleep” as a bar, the song is from the album ‘Funeral’

The Chicago rapper tweeted “Thread of my favorite Wayne bars”, one of the bars which he shared are; “And to Hollygrove I will hold it down, like a circle of knives, I got the sharpest flow around” which is from the song “HollyWeezy” and “Believe that, like a true story. Rims big make the car look like its two stories. If I hop out.. that’d be suicide, no backseats call that paralyzed” which is from the 2008 song “Let The Beat Build”.

Chance surely listens to a lot of music by Lil Wayne and he listens to enough for him to end up listing his bars from Weezy’s music that is from about up to 8 years ago. The ‘Funeral’ rapper surely has been in the rap game for a long time so other rappers are bound to be exposed to his music. Chance and Lil Wayne have collaborated in a song together called “No Problems” and the surely are a great duo that spitted a number of bars in their song.

Many fans jumped on the ‘Coloring Book’ rappers tweet and shared a number of comments of their favorite bars form Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is known for having his smart lyrical bars and he has been listed as one of the best rappers in the game alongside other rappers. Fans are soon to shared their favorite bars by Chance The Rapper as he has just shared bars by Weezy.

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