Trey Songz Tests Positive For COVID 19

Trey Songz Tests Positive For COVID 19. Heart-throb Trey Songz has just tested positive for coronavirus and he encourages fans to take the virus seriously. The singer had been regularly testing and unfortunately this time he came out positive, during this time when the president of the US is saying the virus is simple and treatable, Trey wants the public to take caution and not undermine the virus.

Trey Songz has just revealed that he has tested positive for COVID 19, he is now planning to self-isolate and treat the virus. Many public figures and artist in the US have been catching the virus and it seems that the cases are gradually increasing. The singer specifically shared that his fans should take the virus seriously, since many are not taking it with caution due to some information shared about the virus.

Trigga shared the news of his COVID status on an Instagram video, he explained that he has been getting tested regularly and periodically over the last few months. Now unfortunately this time he came out positive. He said in the video “Here with a very important to let you know that I tested for COVID-19”. Since he was very busy out in food drives and protests he made sure that he had to regularly test because he has a young child at home.

The 35 year old singer made sure to share a few coronavirus stats on the many people who have contracted the virus and the number of black people who are dying form the virus. Trey is now pushed to make sure to take car until he is negative, so he is planning to stay home in isolation for the whole process.

Trey sadly tested positive during the time when his forthcoming album is about to drop, the singers new album is set to drop this Friday ad many have been long awaiting the album. The singer now will have to make his album drop while he is sick and in isolation, but he has remained positive on social media and making sure he promotes his new album ‘Back Home’.

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