It’s Lil Baby’s Turn As “My Turn” Goes Triple Platinum

It’s Lil Baby’s Turn As “My Turn” Goes Triple Platinum! Though Lil Baby‘s My Turn may only be one year old, that doesn’t stop the much acclaimed project from becoming one of the biggest hip-hop hits of its time -at least from a commercial point of view. The album’s most notable tracks like “Emotionally Scarred,” “Woah,” and “The Bigger Picture” continue to rack up more streams every passing day. Yesterday marked the album’s first anniversary thus Baby’s milestone was made a lot more memorable as he earned yet another notable accomplishment.

Lil Baby's "My Turn" Goes Triple Platinum

My Turn received its 3rd platinum certification from the Recording Industry Of America (RIAA) on the very day it turned one. This new milestone comes only a few months after the project went double platinum in September 2020. Prior to that, My Turn became platinum on May 15th 2020. At this rate, it sounds safe to say the project is likely to hit quadruple platinum before  end of summer, on one condition though – that Lil Baby keeps up the same pace.

Worth noting is the fact that the new calculation criteria for “album-equivalent units” is a stark contrast from how things used to be during the CD era. Whereas one had to buy a complete album to have it count toward the total tally, currently, a single or standout track can go platinum way before the album. With that in mind Lil Baby’s, lead single “Woah” was already platinum upon the release of My Turn, hence My Turn only secured its own platinum status a few months following its release. 

All said and done, Lil Baby’s milestones are commendable, especially when they are coincidentally timed. Congratulations are in order to the Quality Control talent!

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