New “Welcome Home” Documentary Reveals Bobby Shmurda’s First Day Out

New “Welcome Home” Documentary Reveals Bobby Shmurda’s First Day Out! A new “Welcome Home” documentary that reveals Bobby Shmurda’s first day out has been released. The artist’s release from a six-year prison bid at the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York, last week (Feb. 23) saw the hip-hop community welcomed him with open arms. Shmurda’s release was marked by high profile celebrations as his family, friends and relatives welcomed him back home with so much excitement.

New "Welcome Home" Documentary Reveals Bobby Shmurda's First Day Out

Now Karen Civil and her production company Civil TV has worked on the official Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda documentary, that captures Bobby Shmurder’s first day out. Welcome Home begins by bringing into context Bobby’s impact on the New York scene following the release of “Hot N***a” and “Shmoney Dance.” The documentary boasts a strong production value and cinematography from Destiny Fulfilled. 

In the documentary, Shmurda can be seen in high quality footage, touching down to a bevy of platinum plaques awaiting him, as can be seen behind-the-scenes shots from his latest GQ interview in the company of Quavo. From the look of things, Shmurda can be seen largely in high spirits throughout as he shares on some of the insights he gained while in prison, including the notion that many people in prison don’t know their worth as individuals. Though the clip breaks off before the rapper can really delve deeper, it’s a testimony about his view of the world at large. 

The clip also sees an appearance from Fabolous, who has a few words to share on the significance of Bobby Shmurda’s release. “Bobby being home is impactful for the city in a time where the city been in a lot of headlines because of a lot of different things,” Fabulous explains. “It’s really solid that we get somebody representing the other side. The side that’s rarely highlighted in this era. He’s going to bring that energy to this era. The drill scene has been really missing his music.”

Watch the full “Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda” documentary below. 

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