Cardi B Has An Answer For Fans Asking For A Lizzo Collab!

Cardi B Has An Answer For Fans Asking For A Lizzo Collab! Cardi B‘s forthcoming sophomore album has been in the works for years now, and while she may have shared a couple of singles during the downtime, many have been waiting for her highly anticipated Invasion Of Privacy follow-up. Though there is a possibility the untitled release will be arriving sometime this year, further information about its content has relatively been scarce.

Cardi B Has An Answer For Fans Asking For A Lizzo Collab

On that note, Cardi B’s loyal fanbase hasn’t been leaving to chance any slightest opportunity to derive as much information out of her actions as possible. To that extent even a simple tweet by Cardi B, that was aimed at praising a few new photos from Lizzo, a former Hustlers co-star had some of her fans demanding a collaboration. It did not take long before Cardi stepped in with an answer, saying that if she was really interested in linking up with Lizzo on a new record, she would need to first come up with the appropriate song. “Can I do a song first thst I can put her on,” she tweeted, a response that elicited excitement from her followers. 

Besides, the “Invasion Of Privacy” hit maker was also forced to calm down her fans’ expectations with a powerful message of reality. “Stop pressuring me to do stuff,” she tweeted, in a follow-p tweet. “I can’t even show love to people with 100 collab collab collab.” Well, that is the predicament the “WAP” rapper has to find herself in, given the way she constantly engages with her fans on social media.

All said and done, fans can’t do much but maintain their patience in the meantime and give the “Up” rapper some time to work things up and deliver the much anticipated music to her fanbase.

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