Watch: Lil Pump Talks About Dissing Eminem In New Interview

Lil Pump Talks About Dissing Eminem In New Interview! As history may have it, any artist who disses Eminem is likely to suffer some serious consequences. Well that could be the case that awaits Lil Pump, who took to his social media with rants of “fuck Eminem” back in December. In a recent appearance on The Fat Joe Show this weekend Lip Pump was asked to elaborate on the matter.

Lil Pump Talks About Dissing Eminem In New Interview

Through an Instagram Video, ack in December, the rapper belittled Eminem, claiming nobody was listening to his music.

“Fuck Eminem, you is lame as hell, ain’t nobody listening to your old ass,” Pump said on Instagram back in December. “You lame as fuck, bitch. I woke up on bullshit today, I’m back on my fuck shit.”

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As it happened, many of Eminem’s fans doubted that Eminem would even find time to respond to Lil Pump but since that didn’t go well with Em’s fans they had no time to spare as they took on Lil Pump head on giving him a piece of their minds for the rapper’s shamelessnessUp until now, the diss itself might be hard to forget for  true Em fans.

Lil Pump recently made an effort to speak about the incident, during a virtual link up with Fat Joe over Instagram Live. At first, Fat Joe appeared shocked by Lil Pump’s seemingly passive persona. “Every time I see you, you’re a great guy!” marvels Joey Crack, clearly shocked by Pump’s aggressive behavior on social media. “I never understood the Eminem.. what was that about?”

“Who?” responds Pump. “I don’t remember that.” hardly convinced, Joe continued pressing. “I told you,” responded Pump. “It ain’t my fault, I was asleep. I’m so sorry about that.” Though Pump seemed to apologize later, he didn’t exactly seem that remorseful about the entire situation. The apology comes out as though it seemingly wasn’t for dissing Eminem, but rather for falling asleep during a past interview request for Joe’s show. Pump’s response, as originally reported by HotNewHipHop, could just be his way of avoiding the worst case scenario.

Some people are of the view that actions should have consequences, and Lil Pump should not be let free to diss whoever he likes without consequences in the works. 

Check out Fat Joe’s interview with Lil Pump below; 

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