Lil Wayne Finally Reveals His Top 5 Rappers

Lil Wayne Finally Reveals His Top 5 Rappers. Many top tier rappers are always challenged with the question on who is their favorite rappers. Recently many other rappers have shared a list of their favorites. Now the legendary Lil Wayne has just revealed his to p 5 rappers list with the public. The list by Weezy includes a female rapper and 4 other rappers who he believes have influenced him to become the rapper he is today.

Lil Wayne is considered as one of the hip hop GOATS (Greatest of all time), many are curious to know on who has influenced him and who he considers as the best in the rap game. Weezy featured as the first guest on DJ Khaled’s new podcast called “The First One”. In the 45 minute interview between the to hip hop artists, Lil Wayne was asked to name his favorite MCs of all time and the list surely has come to a surprise to many.

The ‘Carter’ raper began his list two hip hop greats which are Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. Weezy gave props to other rappers who he viewed himself as their biggest fans., such as Noreaga AKA N.O.R.E., Weezy listed Noreaga because he had this thing of demanding to be appreciated form a distance. The list included Cam’ron who he was also a big fan of in the past years. Just a few weeks ago Weezy had shared that he had been igly influenced by Missy Elliot so it was only right for her to be in his top 5 list.

Female rapper Missy Elliot reacted to the list and took to social media and shared how she feels about the list. “You never know who you may inspire in life or in what way…This is a list of those who must of impacted Lil Wayne in some way for different reasons Creating his own Masterpieces & becoming LEGENDARY [raised hand emoji} I’m so HUMBLED [purple heart emoji]”.

The many rappers which the “Funeral” have somewhat influenced the rapper in his early music. Rappers usually listen to other people in the game to get some wort of motivation and inspiration for their work. Today Lil Wayne now is at the top of many top rapper list and other rappers view him as a top tier rapper. It is no surprise that a legend was influenced by legends and other rappers which were hot during his time.

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Missy Elliot





Se Tweet By Missy Elliot And Complex Ambition Below:

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