Bobby Shmurda Shares In A Recent Parole Hearing That He Is A Changed Man

Bobby Shmurda Shares In A Recent Parole Hearing That He Is A Changed Man.Bobby Shmurda swears that he is a changed man and that he wants to help children. The rapper has been serving his prison sentence for the past few years and surely the court is curious on knowing if he is remorseful and if whether he has though about his past actions, he is expected to have a plan forward and he is in the process of being released so he is trying by all means to come across as a changed man.

Bobby Shmurda has big plans for when he will be released from prison, the police departments are also not fully believing his new decisions on being a changed man. According to a transcript of his parole hearing in September Shmurda has been trying to convince the board and he is no longer into his old bad boy ways. The rapper told the board he wanted to continue his career in the entertainment industry but also run outreach programs with difficult teens in need of support.

Shmurda who is held on a number of charges and incarnations has always been on the wrong side of the law and his time in prison has not been simple as even over time he has lost privileges due to his behavior. The “Stoopid” rapper told the parole board he no longer acts violently and that he walks away from fights, he also added that he now considers himself a “leader” rather than a follower. Shmurda claims he got in big trouble in his youth because he felt he would look like a punk if he walked away from fights. He added that everything has now changed and said he felt too “grown up” to fight and argue. As reported earlier , Bobby was denied parole during the hearing, but the transcript shows exactly how he got his case for release.

The shared parole documents state that the rapper said he was no longer impulsive and took time to think about others and move away from bad situations as they arise. Unfortunately to his other many cases and and “several” violations, including in prison put him in great debt because if he earlier showed changed behavior he would have been released earlier. He had many violations which included drug possession and it is hard to believe that rehabilitation has caused a drastic shift in his character.

Shmurda has many plans as anew changed man he says he wants to get a high school GED when he his released, he is planning to dedicate his time to studying and doing other things for the youth. The rapper now has to serve his full 7 years sentence and he will only be released on the 11th of December 2021.

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