6ix 9ine’s “Gooba” Has Been Submitted For Song Of The Year For The 2021 Grammy’s

6ix 9ine’s “Gooba” Has Been Submitted For Song Of The Year For The 2021 Grammy’s. 6ix 9ine’s internet breaking single has now been submitted for the 20201 Grammy Awards to be considered as Song Of The Year. The rapper is noon a mission to win his first Grammy award next year.

6ix 9ine‘s “Gooba” is now in the process of being considered as part of the Grammy Awards Song Of The Year nominees, since the rappers team has now submitted the song. Many songs which have done well in terms of streaming, popularity, sales and more are then submitted by many artist for the Grammy awards Song of the Year. Many people have criticized the rapper for his song submission and think other songs by other artists should be submitted for that spot.

“Gooba” dropped this year on the 8th of May on 6ix’s birthday, the song was released after the rainbow haired rapper was silent for a while and placed on house arrest. The song was also promoted through a large billboard in New York Times Square as the rappers big come back. Over 2 million fans viewed the songs launched on the rappers Instagram live.

The song has smashed records through it’s YouTube streams, the single is the top music video single that has accumulated the most views in l the fastest just 72 hours. The song bagged over 100 million views on YouTube in just 72 hours. Fans will soon see if the internet breaking song will actually be nominated and finally win as Song Of Year in next years Grammy Awards.

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