Travis Scott’s “FRANCHISE” Charts #1 On The Billboard Hot 100

Travis Scott’s “FRANCHISE” Charts #1 On The Billboard Hot 100. Travis Scott’s latest single which features M.I.A. and Young Thug is now officially on the number one spot of the most recent Billboard Hot 100 chart. The rapper is now making more music news by topping charts in 202 with other hot singles and collaborations.

Travis Scott‘s single “FRANCHISE which features M.I.A and Young Thug has now just topped charts by landing the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This is the Houston rappers third #1 debut in the Hot 100 this year, the third number one charts makes Travis the first ever artist to debut 3 consecutive songs on the #1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 within a year.

“FRANCHISE” dropped officially 2 weeks ago, on the same night the rapper also dropped the music video for the single, the song also earlier dropped in July but did not cause a lot of impact then since the song was exclusive on a streaming site. Many have been excited that the song feature female rapper M.I.A and the Cactus Jack rapper spoke on the interview on how he perfectly selected the female rapper to complete his single. The song has received a positive reception in the past weeks since it;s release and many fans are jamming to the single which has a verse from Thugger.

Travis Scott’s other songs that have charted at number one are “Highest In The Room” and “THE SCOTTS”, which were all dropped this year. Another rapper who is also on a roll in topping charts is Drake who is also the most chart-topping male act in the Hot 100 history. Travis only has 3 albums under his name but he has manage to top charts in his past active years.

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