6ix 9ine Hospitalized After Overdosing On Caffeine And Hydroxycut

6ix 9ine Hospitalized After Overdosing On Caffeine And Hydroxycut. Rapper 6ix 9ine is said to be hospitalized due to a diet pill and caffeine overdose. The rapper might have ended up taking a overdose of the pills and coffee while not regarding the specified dosage. A number of reports have shared that the rapper was admitted to hospital in the beginning of this week.

6ix 9ine is now reported to be hospitalized, the rapper was admitted to a hospital in Florida as he had overdosed on coffee and diet pills called Hydroxycut. The overdose happened due to a combination of substances that the rapper had consumed the past days before he ended up in hospital.

The rainbow haired rappers girlfriend Jade took to social media to share that people are bombarding hers space questioning on what is happening regarding the rapper. She also further said that people should keep her family in prayer, many concluded that she was talking abou 6ix’s health situation. As the rappers’ baby mama she is one that people will try contact to get news and details form so she is now hoping the public and media outlets will give her space.

6ix 9ine has communicated with the news platform Shade room, he explained to them that the overdose was a result of two Hydroxycut pills and a cup of coffee. The recommended daily dosage for the pill is one daily but the rapper went on to take two instead, his actions have now landed him in hospital, 6ix explained that the two substance combination sped up his heart rate and he experience excessive sweating.

The 24 year old rapper made it clear that he was not using drugs during the time of the overdose. many had assumed that the overdose was due to drugs but it was a matter of strong caffeine substances combination. 6ix says that he was using the pills because of his serious weight gain, he gained all the weight while he was in prison and he further added that he was more that 200 ponds. More details on the rappers health are soon to be shared.

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