Kanye West’s New Song “Believe What I Say” Samples Lauryn Hill

Kanye West’s New Song “Believe What I Say” Samples Lauryn Hill. Ye took to social media to tease his new song, the rapper a shared snippet of his song that includes a sample of a song by Lauryn Hill. The rapper has surely cooked up a storm as his music has been long anticipated by his fans. Fans are awaiting for the son he has teased to soon drop.

Kanye West is now on using his favorite social media platform Twitter to shared snippets of his new music. The rapper now has shared a more serene vibe compared to his many provocative tweets. The rapper shared a short video of him cruising on a picturesque boat trip with one of his upcoming songs as the soundtrack of the video, the song has caught the attention of many fans.

Ye surely gave his followers a taste of his music, he shared a snippet teaser of his new song which is titled “Believe What I Say”. The song samples a Lauryn Hill classic “Doo Wop (That Thing)” from her ‘Misedaaction’ album. The snippet is one of the rappers first teasers since his album ‘Donda” was set to release. Fans are not sure if the song will be release since Ye claims he will not drop any music till his contract with major labels are over.

“Believe What I Say” is now deemed by fans as a song that recaptures Kanye’s old sound and vibe. Many have said that it sounds like “old Kanye” and the song is speculated to do very well as soon as it’s released. While the 43 year old rapper is planning to transform the music industry he has surely cooked up a number of potential hits which his fans are waiting to soon drop.

Watch The Video Of Kanye’s ‘Believe What I Say” Snippet Below:
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