Chance The Rapper Encourages Fans To Vote For Whoever Their Mom Tells Them To Vote For

Chance The Rapper Encourages Fans To Vote For Whoever Their Mom Tells Them To Vote For. As the elections are around the corner, many artists have taken upon themselves to encourage their fans and the public to vote. Just after Chance The Rapper held a drive which allowed people to register to vote, the rapper took to social media and told fans to vote for who their mom tell them to vote for.

Chance The Rapper took to Twitter 3 days ago on the 22nd of September and gave his followers advice on how they should select a candidate they will be voting for in the upcoming elections. The rapper shared anumber of tweets saying that people should ask their mom on who to vote for and then go on to vote for who their mom says the should vote for.

The Chicago rapper tweeted “Ask your mom who to vote for. Vote for who she say”. The tweet received a lot of mixed results and reactions. Many considers the tweets a lighthearted and playful and some took it very seriously. The tweet received over 20K retweets and many had been intrigued by the rappers approach to voting.

Chance the further explained him said “And ion care what somebody quoted over my shit. Ya mama been thru alot. Ask them and trust them”. The rapper strongly believes that mothers surely know best. He says that followers should trust their mothers choice. The rapper is also not phased that many have quoted and criticized his approach. He then added in another tweet and said “Yall worried bout everybody else mama, I said yo mama”.

The upcoming elections are set to take place in the upcoming months, the public is set to vote in their new presidential candidate. As fans have shared that their parents sometimes do not share the same political ideologies as them , it will be hard to vote for who you mother votes for. Chance just recently held a drive that enabled people in Chicago to register to vote and he has even earlier in the year stated that he supports Kanye West as a presidential candidate. Fans will soon get the chance to vote and many are anticipating the outcome.

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