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Here Is How Much Drake Spends On House Cleaning Every Week

Here Is How Much Drake Spends On House Cleaning Every Week. Celebrities usually live in luxurious mansions, their fans also wish and aspire to one day live in such grand homes but they never think about the hard effort of keeping such a large home clean. It surely costs a lot to clean and maintain a mansion. New reports have revealed how much rapper Drake spends every week to clean his mansion and it is over ten thousands of rands.

Drake lives in in a grand luxurious mansion in Toronto which has been nick named “The Embassy”. A new research report by Clear It Waste has shared how much it is to clean large mansions owned by celebrities. In the report the cleaning price for Drake’s home “The Embassy” has also been calculated. Large mansions home usually have professional cleaning staff that clean the home and Drake’s staff get’s paid a lot to keep his Embassy squeaky clean.

Based on recent calculations the “Tossie Slide” rapper spends over 3000 euros (which his R65, 000 in South African rands) per week to keep his home clean. The amount her pays his cleaning staff goes up to a whooping R3 million every year when fully calculated. It surely costs way less to maintain a small home but celebrities and rappers surely live large and their homes have to be kept spotless on a regular base.

Drake’s home is a 50K squares mansion that has an indoor basketball court, a basement pool, a two story closet and many other features. The rapper now spends thousands to keep his grand home clean. Many videos of the rappers home have surfaced on the internet and the homes design and modern furniture fit for a King surely has to be cleaned on a regular.

Other reports by many publications have calculated the cleaning price of other celebrity homes was calculated. Beyonce’s home which has 4 outdoor swimming pools, bulletproof floor-to-ceiling glass panels and 15 car garages. The cleaning bill of Queen B’s home is just over 98 thousand euros every year. Others public figures such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also spend a whooping amount on cleaning their homes, also singer Ed Sheeran spends thousands of euros to pay the cleaning team of his mansion.

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