Kanye West’s Yeezy Prototype Could Break The Record For The Priciest Sneaker Ever Sold!

Kanye West’s Yeezy Prototype Could Break The Record For The Priciest Sneaker Ever Sold! When Kanye West collaborated with Adidas in 2015 to launch his Yeezy empire, the sneaker game was never going to be the same again. Already one of the most successful sneaker collaborations in history with over a billion-dollar in revenue, it earned popularity for its high-end limited colorways and releases. Though the brand was not officially launched until 2015, Kanye wore the first Yeezy prototype at the 2008 Grammy Awards. 

This prototype pair of Yeezys have now gone for private sale at Sotheby’s and they are now valued at a whopping $1 million. The Nike Air Yeezy one Prototypes were the very prototypes created in 2008 for the first Yeezy line and were designed by West and Mark Smith for Nike. They’re now the most valuable pair of kicks to ever be on the market at least according to the luxury auction company.

If the Yeezy sneakers prototype that were instrumental in making Kanye West a billionaire fetches its near $1 million valuation, they will definitely break the record for the priciest sneaker sale in history. The record is currently held by a pair of Air Jordan 1s, which went on sale for around half a million in May last year. 

A New York-based art collector, Ryan Chang who is selling the sneakers, explaining how the shoes were a piece of art said, “The Air Yeezy Prototype is particularly special to me because it captured the cultural moment in 2008 so perfectly,” he said in a statement. “There he was, Kanye West, on stage at the Grammys, winning 4 awards that evening, and unveiling an incredibly important and iconic design in Nike’s storied history.” 

Though the current Yeezy line is currently in partnership with Adidas rather than Nike, the Nike Air Yeezy 1 was still, “critical to the development of the Yeezy franchise, which has become one of the most important sneaker and lifestyle brands in history,” Brahm Wachter from Sotheby’s said in a statement. 

The Yeezy samples will be going on display at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre starting 16th of April through to 21st, and those interested in making an offer on the pair are free to do so by speaking directly with Sotheby’s sales directors.

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