DMX’s Music Sees A Tremendous Surge In Streaming Numbers After His Death

DMX’s Music Sees A Tremendous Surge In Streaming Numbers After His Death! Following the passing of Hip-hop heavyweight DMX last week, fans have been streaming their favorite songs and projects of the late 50-year-old rapper perhaps as a tribute to him, marking a tremendous surge in his streaming numbers. According to initial reports by MRC Data, DMX’s music has seen a 928% surge in streaming numbers following an announcement of his passing by his family.

As per the numbers, DMX’s music received 75.7 million on-demand streams between April 9 and April 10. The rapper succumbed to heart failure following a weeklong battle in the hospital after reportedly suffering a drug overdose and a heart attack. Billboard reported his five most popular streaming songs over the weekend, including “Ruff Ryders Anthem” at 9.59 million streams, “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” at 5.79 million streams, “Slippin'” at 5.52 million streams, “Party Up” with 5.20 million plays, and “How It’s Goin’ Down” with 3.52 million streams.

DMX’s music streams had already sky-rocketed during the week of his hospitalization, but these latest numbers have revealed a major spike following the announcement of his death. According to Billboard, DMX’s album The Best Of DMX officially made a return into the Billboard 200 album chart as per the streaming stats, hitting No. 73 this week.

The hip-hop community continues to send messages of love, positivity and hope to DMX’s family and loved ones. One of DMX’s daughters shared a heartfelt message over the weekend, taking to twitter to remind the world just how much love she had for her dad.

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