Rick Ross Shares His Excitement About “Coming 2 America” Filming At His Estate

Rick Ross Shares His Excitement About “Coming 2 America” Filming At His Estate! The Renzel Manor, Rick Ross‘ luxurious estate, is most certainly an impressive sight to behold. The estate boasts a sprawling size of 54,000 square feet, not to mention a beautification that signifies wealth. It’s no wonder numerous film crew location scouts have reportedly already been in touch with the boss with a host of inquiries. On that note, a recent report reveals that Renzel charged one studio a little under 3 million dollars to film on his property in January.

Rick Ross Shares His Excitement About "Coming 2 America" Filming At His Estate

Prior to that, the Boss lent the mansion to the crew filming Eddie Murphy’s anticipated Coming 2 America, and the rapper took a moment recently to share about his experience working on the sequel of his longtime favorite. “Unbelievable experience for me,” he captioned, sharing a CNN report that pieces together his experience facilitating the Coming 2 America shoot. “Never would imagine my favorite film sequel being shot @ my crib,feel me? Watching Akeem and Semi behind the scenes as I sip @originalbumbu. I can’t wait to see the film. Another Classic. My only question is, did my cameo make the cut?”

Given the Big Bosses’ involvement on the film, quite a number of his fellow emcees came through to show some love to the impressive money move. Royce Da 5’9″, E-40, and Berner all hit the comments section to show some love. It’s evident that the excitement for the Eddie Murphy-led sequel has hit an all-time high, and from the look of it Renzel’s estate led to the culmination of a Zamunda reality. “His house is so big, we literally were able to dress it and make it look like a palace,” explained Murphy, according to the aforementioned CNN article. “That stuff you see where I’m walking on the African plain and there’s antelopes running — that’s Rick Ross‘s backyard. He has like 300 acres or something.”

Remember to check out Rick Ross’s reflections below, and look out for Coming 2 America this coming Friday, March 5th. 

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