Watch: Rick Ross and Jermaine Dupri join LaTheGoat on “8 Bands (Remix)”

Watch: Rick Ross and Jermaine Dupri join LaTheGoat on “8 Bands (Remix)” – Tampa rapper LaTheGoat has released the official remix of his “8 Bands” track with assists from fellow Floridian Rick Ross and Jermaine Dupri. Originally released back in December the song now has a brand new verse from the Boss accompanied by an official music video. LaTheGoat takes control of the first verse before Rick Ross comes in later on in the track:

Watch: Rick Ross and Jermaine Dupri join LaTheGoat on “8 Bands (Remix)”

Hangin’ out the window with that toolie, tryna bust it. Only call her when I’m off the Perc, I make her suck it. Doubled up the profit, now I’m finally makin’ money. If you keep some Gotti, your trap gon’ jump just like a bunny./ I don’t give a fuck about a n***a talkin’ crazy. ’Cause if he gotta say it to my face, he ain’t gon’ say it. Had the chance to shoot me in my face but he ain’t take it. Take a n***a ho and give her back ‘cause she was basic./ Cutters in the car, the clip a Nutty Buddy bar.

LaTheGoat released his Goatmode album last year, a nine track project with assists from the likes of Lil Duke and Laniyah West. A few months later, he unleashed the deluxe edition of the project adding on six more tracks.

 In a recent interview, Jermaine Dupri talked about his decision to bring LaTheGoat onto his label. “I thought the ‘8 Bands’ track was already out, and was gone, and he was just a new artist out here grabbing people’s beats and rapping over them,” he stated about how he was legitimately won over. “So then once I listened to that ‘8 Bands’, I’m like, ‘This shit is staying in my head’… so it was purely off of his talent.”

Don’t forget watch LaTheGoat’s new video for “8 Bands (Remix)” featuring Rick Ross down below;

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