Tory Lanez’ “Most High” Music Video Accumulates Over 9 Million Views In 24 Hours

Tory Lanez’ “Most High” Music Video Accumulates Over 9 Million Views In 24 Hours. The “Most High” music video is now at the top as it has gained millions of views just in one day since it has been dropped a day ago. The “fire” music video has a number of aspects which have caught the public’s and it seems that more people want to view the video as the rapper for many reasons.

Tory Lanez just dropped a music video a day ago for the song “Most High” which is from his recent ‘DAYSTAR’ album. The video came as the first visual by the rapper from his surprise project album. The music video has well set visuals to accompany the song. “Most High” i one of the 17 tracks on his album and the song has come across as he is denying that he shot Megan Thee Stallion

One aspect that has caught the public’s attention is that the rapper declares his innocence in the video, the rapper also confronts his critics who are criticizing him for his shooting incident. The video also has many other features and aspects which have had his fans questioning a lot, but the video has surely caught attention and made a statement in being very provocative

The music video begins with Tory in court, he is being acquired before tossing his glove in a nod to the controversial O.J Simpson. He then raps “I walk away free cause I’m innocent/And when I walk, the whole world know a n*gga walked”. Other visuals in the video showcase the “Say It” rapper having a face off with the devil in a boxing ring. The clips in the video have many different sequences and setting but it seems the video is now getting many views.

The lyrics of the song have also been one for fans to pay attention to as he says other raps have said that the cops should come for him. In the video he embodies a number of roles and somewhat tells a broken down “story” in the song and video. The msuic video is now at the top of the YouTube trending list and it is now heading for the #3 trending spot.

Watch the Musi video Below:

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