Here Is The Last Words Tory Lanez Reportedly Said To Megan Thee Stallion Before Shooting Her

Here Is The Last Words Tory Lanez Reportedly Said To Megan Thee Stallion Before Shooting Her. More details are being revealed about the Tory Lanez and Megan thee Stallion shooting incident. It seems that Tory in his intoxicated state had said a surprising statement to Megan just before he had shot her in both her feet.

Tory Lanez is now back in the public eye as people want to know more details about his shooting incident with female rapper Megan Thee Stallion. It has now just been recently reported by close source that Tory told Meg to dance just before he shot her in her feet. The rapper is said to have said “dance b*tch” just before he fired 4 shots and the “Savage” rapper.

The close unnamed source gave details saying that just before the shooting Meg had got out the car saying she wants to walk home. The scene before the shooting is somewhat shocking as it is hared that Tory just walked out the car, pulled out his gun and said “dance b*tch” and he then started shooting at her. The close source also described Tory as a maniac as he was texting Meg while she was in surgery and he was calling her friend offering them money.

New details have also emerged stating that Tory Lanez offered Meg and her friend Kelsey Nicole “hush money” as he desperately wanted to fix his major mistake of shooting at Meg. even though it seems that the Canadian rapper tried to cover the shooting story, Cedars-Sinai which is the hospital in which Meg was treated at confirmed that they removed bullets form her feet.

Tory’s team has been denying the shooting and now since he has come out with new music, the source came forward to share their details on the incident. In the rapper new album he stated that Meg has filed false reports and questions her injuries. Meg’s team is now accusing Tory’s team for launching a smear campaign and it seems that they are somewhat creating false news about the incident.

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