Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Now Being Investigated By The LAPD For Embezzlement

Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Now Being Investigated By The LAPD For Embezzlement. Nicole Young is under fire for the various actions she has taken on amid her divorce news. Since it was earlier reported that she wrote a check to herself, further legal action is now taken against her to investigate on what she has done with mainly her ex husbands business finances. Nicole is now under investigation for alleged embezzlement.

Dr. Dre‘s estranged wife, Nicole Young, is now under investigation for alleged embezzlement. The rap moguls wife has surely been on mission to get a great hand at Dre’s money, just a few weeks ago the rapper team had noticed that she sent a large sum of money her account and this now counts as a act of embezzlement which requires for legal action to be taken. The Los Angeles Police Department is now on the case and putting on a full investigation which may lead to her being charged.

TMZ reported on earlier this week on Tuesday that Dr. Dre’s business partner, Larry Chatman, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department claiming that Young withdrew nearly $400,000 from the business account without authorization. Now since Chatman has filed a report the LAPD is now investigating the claims to soon determine if Nicole can be convicted and charged for her criminal acts of embezzlement.

The LAPD has now further shared Dre’s account is missing $385,029, this has been discovered as the rapper account has been re-looked and investigated. Detectives are aware that Chatman believes Young stole this money and embezzled the cash. The department is now looking into these allegations. If Young is brought up on charges, then she could be facing time for embezzlement. Nicole wrote a of exactly $363K to herself just a few months ago and she was set to drain all accounts of the joined businesses she had with Dre, so this can explain the money which is missing form the rappers account.

Although Dr. Dre didn’t file the police report, these are accusations that are made by his team and close associates, which is his producer and Chatman, the have made several accusations against Young in the past and this is not the first time she is taking money form accounts. Dre claimed that Young made two withdrawals from the account without permission during their divorce case. Yet, Nicole says that she had a right to the money because her name is on the account. She also says that the investigation into the matter is merely a PR stunt and smear campaign as she attempts to move forward with the divorce. 

Just a few weeks ago Dr. Dre won a legal battle against Nicole after their recent court proceeding. Earlier this month the judge rejected Young’s claim to have Dr. Dre pay $1.5 million in monthly alimony after the music mogul proved that he was still supporting her lifestyle. The mogul now plans to pay another reasonable amount and it may seem that Young will not leave the marriage free with all the money she planned to gain from her multi millionaire husband.

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