Dr. Dre Has His First Divorce Case Win After Judge Rejects Nicole Young’s Requests

Dr. Dre Has His First Divorce Case Win After Judge rejects Nicole Young’s Requests. Dre. Dre has scored a win in his hot legal battle with now ex-wife Nicole Young. The divorce drama has been heated as Nicole has been making big money demands and it seems she was to leave this marriage with the music moguls riches. Nicole has now been shut down by the judge and she will not be getting all the money she requested.

Dr. Dre now has come out victorious in his divorce case with his estranged wife Nicole Young. Nicole has now unfortunately had her request rejected by the judge, the judge has rejected her 1.5 million dollars request for security and various expenses. She had expected for Dre to cough out all that money so that she good live the same lavish and expensive life she lived while married to him, now the court ruled on the favor of the hip hop start

The divorce battle between the rap legend and Nicole has been malicious and it had seemed to be getting uglier in the past weeks. The win for the rapper now has shown that he has a strong legal team and the right court rulings in his favor. the rapper will now not be paying spousal support that his almost towards $2 million, he will now be able to well protect his well earned fortune.

Nicole’s lawyers had been in court yesterday when the ruling that gave Dre a win. The lawyers had argued that their client need the money specifically for security as she has be receiving death threats. Some people have commented on Nicole and the case that it will be okay if she dies, so her team had been strongly pushing that she gets the millions so that she can get the security and protection she needs.

luckily the 1.5 million request has been shut down by the judge, by reminding Nicole that she had a security team which she had been independently paying for. she said she payed and found her own team because her ex-husband has been controlling. Dre’s lawyers have surely done a commendable job and they shared that he is willing to pay for the expenses that Nicole has ordered. the public will soon be notified on how much the artist will be paying for spousal support.

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