Donald Glover Confirms He Is Working On A New Album

Donald Glover Confirms He Is Working On A New Album. Many have been convinced that there will be no more Childish Gambino, and music form the artists. Musicians Donald Glover has now recently confirmed that he is working on a new album, despite his previous comments about retiring form music. Fans can no anticipate an album form the musician who is known as Childish Gambino.

Donald Glover shared in a recent interview with GQ that he is currently working on anew album. many of his fans had lost hope since he shared that he was retiring from music. It was unfortunate the the world will no longer get more hits form the “This Is America” and “Redbone” artistic music. Hope has now been restored as a new album can be soon expected form the artists who goes by the music name Childish Gambino.

The actor and singer had a lengthy interview with Micheala Coel and the addressed many factors such as the artists music career. The interview also spoke about many personal choices by Glover. He opened up that he is now writing for his next project. He says he is on a spiritual journey with his music and he has a lot of love for what he does which includes music and his other crafts.

Glover dropled his latest album this year which is “3.15.20”, he was praised by Coel for the album sharing that she she has dance nights with his album as the soundtrack. Just this year it was shared that the musician is retired form music, but now in the same year he has shared that he is surely working on another musical project.

The Atlanta actor and the Chewing Gum star Coel had a lengthy interview that looked somewhat very intricate parts of the artists life. Since he has shared he is not done with the Childish Gambino project, a lot has been happening in his life as he has shared that he is now a father of 3 and his last son was born during the pandemic. Sadly fans cant get to watch more of Glover on their screens as the 3rd and 4th season of Atlanta has been put on hold due to the pandemic

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