Incredible Rap Artists Who Have Never Won A Grammy

Incredible Rap Artists Who Have Never Won A Grammy. A hip hop journalist, by the name Joey Hip Hop took to social media to share a list of incredible rappers that have sadly never won a Grammy Award. Grammy’s are considered as a big deal and that they are the biggest form of accolade recognition for any form of musician largely in the world. The fact that there is a few great rappers who have not received the award makes Joey state the Grammy’s are not credible.

Since the firts Grammy Awards took place over 60 years ago, its is unfortunate that many of the great 80s and 90s rapper have not been recognized at the prestigious awards show. 2Pac and Biggie who are one of the late rap legends surprisingly have never won a Grammy. Nas on the other had has always been near the point of winning an award, he has been nominated for Grammy over 12 times and he sadly has never got the chance to take the award home.

Most of the great rappers on the list are groups/duos that had been mostly popular as American MC’s in the 80s and 90s. Groups which are well esteemed such as Run-DMC and others. The list of the incredible rappers also features many veteran rappers such as Snoop Dogg and others that have never tasted the Joy of winning a Grammy. On the bright side many of these rappers have been recognized in other ways through the rap industry by bagging other wins to their name and they have won many another awards.

See The List Below:





Ice Cube



Mobb Deep

Public Enemy

Snoop Dogg

Busta Rhymes



The Game

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