Chance The Rapper Supporting Kanye West As He Is Running For President

Chance The Rapper Supporting Kanye West As He Is Running For President. Chance The Rapper showed on social media that he defends Kanye’s plan of running for president. Many other celebrities have spoken out in opposition towards Kanye, but he has now gained another fellow rapper’s support.

Chance The Rapper took his take on the 2020 presidential election to Twitter. The ‘No Problem’ contrasted Kanye West with former vice president Joe Biden who is also a 2020 presidential candidate and current president Donald Trump.

Chance asked his followers “Are u more pro biden or anti ye and why?” The rapper wanted to figure out why Joe Biden was a better option to replace Trump. He wanted his followers to explain why they think Biden is the better option.

The rappers tweets sparked a lot of criticism from the public, many pople even wondered if the rapper was not joking. One individual shared that the ” should not have to teach a millionaire the ins and outs of presidency just because he decided he wanted to run”. The then further asked Chance to share “one solid platform” that Kanye has.

Chance mentioned platforms such as Reparations, Prison Abolition, Education and many others. He said that he will let Kanye will do his work getting his ideas across. Chance tweeted ” Can a blck [sic] man get a chance?’.

The Chicago rapper expressed how he has a close friendship with the ‘Jesus Is King” rapper, they have a song which they have worked on together titled ‘Ultralight Beam’. He says that him and Kanye have been having frequent phone calls and give each other advice. Even though Chance has been mocked for supporting Kanye. He is supporting someone who is a close friends and knows his ideas and plans, he is supporting him with good reasoning.

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