Kanye West Shares His Plans For A “Eco Village/Children’s Ranch”

Kanye West Shares His Plans For A “Eco Village/Children’s Ranch”. Kanye is known to be a innovative creative and is full of ideas, he is now sharing his new plans and ideas on social media. His newest plans have included plans for sustainable living, therapy and education through an Eco village and a children’s ranch.

Kanye West Shares His Plans For A "Eco Village/Children's Ranch"
Kanye West Shares His Plans For A “Eco Village/Children’s Ranch”

Kanye West took to social media on what he called another ‘Twitter tirade’. He shared over 26 tweets and they had showed many new ideas. He posted more pictures of Yeezy prototypes and some of his sketches and other pictures.

In the rappers posts he shared his plans for an eco-village. he then shared and annotated sketch that also revealed that the village would be a ‘children’s ranch. The ranch would serve to help mothers and families and include many other aspects. One of his sketch details said “Programming includes therapy (multi-disciplinary) & education (entrepreneurship, parenting, personal dev,) and offer stipends, childcare, and career opportunities”.

Other plans included helping children with re-homing programs along with lessons about music, art, ecology and stem. The plans also included health care and farming. The many plans he shared were innovative and showed he was going in a direction of changing lives and changing the world.

Ye coming up with so many ideas that may benefit people’s livelihood is a great step of him showing other aspects that may relate to his presidential ideas. His plans on health care, children, education and growing ones capacity may also relate to his presidential policies. Fans will soon see if Kanye will build this eco-village and children’s ranch.

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