TI Challenges 50 Cent To A Verzuz Battle Says He Can Also Bring Eminem or Dre If He Wants

TI Challenges 50 Cent To A Versus Battle Says He Can Also Bring Eminem or Dr Dre If He Wants! The two rappers have had very successful careers in hip hop and it will be interesting to see who has the most hits between the two.

Wishing Mr Candy Shop a 45th birthday, TI said “For your birthday, I offer you a challenge, sir,” Tip said. “Pull your ass up with 20 of your records, man. Sit across from me, man. And get this work, man.” TI added on by touching on 50 Cent and Kanye West’s highly publicised  album sales competition by saying “”But, I understand if you don’t want to answer to that challenge,” T.I. went on. “Because last time you got challenged, Kanye West dusted your ass off.”

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Bring me the Bully‼️ Y'all scared of Cuzz… NOT ME‼️ @50cent 👀

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TI added more fuel to the fire by requesting the whole G Unit catalogue, Em and Dre included by saying “”Bring yo ass on out,” Tip asserted. “Bring ya records, bring ya hit records witcha. You and Dr. Dre and Eminem and all y’all. Got damn, the G-Unit, all y’all…y’all bring y’all ass on out. C’mon, see the king. And I fuck with you 50. It ain’t you this time. It’s your catalog that gots some trouble. Your muthafuckin’ catalog is in trouble.”

50 cent responded by saying “yo somebody passed TI the weed they gave smokey in Friday. LOL”

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