Cardi B Makes History As First Female Rapper To Earn A Diamond Single With “Bodak Yellow”

Cardi B Makes History As First Female Rapper To Earn A Diamond Single With “Bodak Yellow”! Cardi B’s smash single “Bodak Yellow” has achieved an unbelievable milestone! The song made history on a day when the world was busy celebrating Women, on International Women’s Day, that went down yesterday (March 8). Much to everyone’s  surprise, Cardi B included, the track made history, becoming the first ever single to be certified diamond by a female rapper. The RIAA made the announcement official by adding the diamond plaque to their site’s database and later congratulated Cardi with a tweet today morning (Tuesday March 9).

Cardi B Makes History As First Female Rapper To Earn A Diamond Single With “Bodak Yellow”
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock (10369398hs) Cardi B MTV Video Music Awards, Show, Prudential Center, New Jersey, USA – 26 Aug 2019

“Congratulations to @iamcardib the first female rapper to achieve an RIAA diamond single award! #BodakYellow @AtlanticRecords,” the tweet read. 

Atlantic Records surprised the rapper by breaking the news at a restaurant with executives presenting her with the diamond plaque for “Bodak Yellow” in addition to congratulating her on “WAP” going 5x-platinum in under a calendar year. The now deleted clip, was later replaced by the Bronx rapper with another video teasing the announcement for Tuesday.

“I just got this crazy surprise and I think you guys are going to find out tomorrow,” she stated. “And I just want to say thank you guys so much because without you guys, this wouldn’t have happened. This really made my day and really uplifted me for this crazy performance, and um… wow. I know you guys are going to be really happy, like really, really happy.”

As soon as the love started pouring in from fans, she continued “WTFFF !!! How the heiiilllll yall already now ? I can’t. I’ll be back later. DEUM YA BE KNOWING EERRTHANG! I need a moment guys… I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow and I’ll be reposting. I’m too emotional to see all these beautiful tweets.” “Bodak Yellow” went 9x-platinum back in 2019 and now clinches the much elusive diamond status in less than two years later. The smash single added impetus to Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy debut, with every song on the album being at least gold — making her the first woman to accomplish that feat as well.

Congratulations are in order to Cardi B for this phenomenal achievement!

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