Why Doja Cat Is Taking A Break From TikTok

Why Doja Cat Is Taking A Break From TikTok! Going by her recent set of Twitter posts, Doja Cat is taking a break from TikTok. The award-winning rapper is known for her eclectic style and unconventional humor, but like many other celebrities, Doja has been on the receiving end of tornados of opprobrium and vituperation from the public.

After posting a few funny videos of TikTok, Doja took to Twitter announcing that she no longer wants to share her humor on the platform.

“I’m not comfortable making tik toks anymore i feel like something is wrong w me. y’all got me. :/,” the singer wrote on Twitter. One of her fans apologized to her for the “hate” she receives. “They’re not even being hateful they’re just unintentionally gaslighting and i’m deadass not fit to just take the joke cuz i’ve actually struggled w sh*t before and i have a lot of fear in me so it just adds up in the end when i read that kind of sh*t.”

“It’s really my dumbass fault cuz i put myself out there to be made fun of anyway but it’s just reached a point for me personally so i’m done w the funny sh*t,” she added. “Y’all can make fun of my music n my performances cuz those not meant to be a joke and ill feel better about that.”

Check out Doja’s tweets below.

Why Doja Cat Is Taking A Break From TikTok

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