Hip Hop Celebrates As Trump Pardons Lil Wayne

Hip Hop Celebrates As Trump Pardons Lil Wayne! It’s a new dawn in America. With Donald Trump officially out of the office and Biden sworn in moments ago, things are never going to remain the same.

Biden has already promised a long list of things he needs changed without much hesitation. Donald Trump’s  way of bidding America farewell Perhaps was by granting quite a number pardons. 

Among the people whose dreams of being pardoned came true is Death Row co-founder Michael “Harry-O” Harris, thanks to Snoop Dogg who vouched really hard for him. Lil Wayne and Kodak were also pardoned.

Wayne was facing up to 10 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge last month. His support for Trump before November’s election came with the promise that he would get off the hook amid a lot of criticism from his fans and peers and friends alike.

Well, Trump kept his promise and at least Lil Wayne has something to celebrate. Many of his peers and friends in the game were not left behind as they joined Weezy in celebration of the rapper’s win in that situation. Among the artists who joined in celebrating Wayne’s win are Royce, Fat Joe and 2 Chainz and Wack100.

 2 Chainz shared a screenshot from David Begnaud announcing the report of Kodak and Wayne’s pardon. “They was trying to give the boy some time,” he wrote. “CASE CLOSED @liltunechi.”

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