Snoop Dogg Gets A New Lakers And Kobe Tribute Tattoo After The Teams Recent Victory

Snoop Dogg Gets A New Lakers And Kobe Tribute Tattoo After The Teams Recent Victory, Many rappers surely are thrilled after the Lakers have come out victorious in the most recent NBA Final games. Snoop Dogg has decided to honor his favorite team and pay tribute to late basketball star Kobe with anew tattoo, the rapper took to social media to show off his new ink and he is surely proud of his teams and it was great way to celebrate Kobe and the Lakers.

Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to show off his new tattoo, the tattoo is to honor his favorite basketball team and to honor the legendary Kobe Bryant. The tattoo just came after the Lakers won the NBA final Championships this past Sunday.

In the recent Insta video post Snoop shows the detailed tattoo designed and executed by artist Mister Cartoon. He says “As you see, tat is done,” Snoop explains. “KB on the bottom, Kobe Bryant, Larry O’Brien championship trophy with the Lakers going through the ball, gates of heaven up top and it don’t stop. Laker nation!”. The tattoo is surely great tribute and great homage to the basketball team which is loved by many in the US especially by popular figures.

The Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th NBA championship on Sunday night the 11th of October 2020. The team beat the Miami Heat’s 106-93 in Game 6. The big win was bittersweet this year, as it comes less than a year since the death of Kobe Bryant. Many sure have said the game is a great way to also celebrate Kobe as he would have been in the team to also celebrate another big win with the team.

The veteran rapper surely was excited and thrilled for the Lakers win, during the show he hosted a watch part and he was spotted with the teams purple and yellow colors. The rapper surely showed his thanks to the teams MVP’s in his recent posts. Many other artists have also shared on how proud the had been after the Lakers had won. Snoop now has a memorable tattoo which will be a great reminder on a great player and a great team.

See The Rappers Tattoo Below:

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