Roddy Ricch Starts A New Beverage Business

Roddy Ricch Starts A New Beverage Business. More rappers are now branching out into all types of business. Roddy Ricch is is now going in to the beverage business scene, the rapper has now just launched his own beverage company which is set to bring him a lot of income.

The name of the beverage company by Roddy Ricch is called Vida, it is a Acai-flavored drink that will have 0 calorie, 0 sugar and 100% of your antioxidants dose. The rapper shared a video of the manufacturing process of his new drink just 4 days ago on Instagram, the lilac purple drink is being produced at a major office and the rapper is planning on making millions from it.

The new business is set to make over a $100 million after it has fully come into action. The rapper set the 1000 million goal for himself as he has just launched the company. The price of the drinks have not been shared and where they are available, but Roddy is surely in production and is soon to have his Vida drink in stores in the US.

The West Coast rapper is surely busy and up to a lot just after he has just won a Grammy Award at last years ceremony. The rapper is not only focused on music but is looking into thriving in business. The rappers “The Box” single has been a major hit and he is know proving that he is now thinking outside the box and coming up with new innovative ways to secure the bag”.

Watch Video below Of Roddy Ricch’s Beverage Company Shared By SOHH:

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