Lupe Fiasco Claims To Be a Better Lyricist Than Kendrick Lamar

Lupe Fiasco Claims To Be a Better Lyricist Than Kendrick Lamar. Rapper Lupe Fiasco has now made surprising claims, the rapper has just publicly said on social media that he is a better lyricist that Kendrick Lamar. Many have responded and reacted to the claims on social media.

Lupe Fiasco responded to a fan page tweet which had been asking who his the better lyricist between him and Kendrick Lamar. The rapper retweeted the post and quoted it with a comment saying that he is the better lyricist but he left an open ellipses on his answer and statement.

Lupe retweeted and quoted a tweet by Hip Hop Hub the tweet posted a picture of both Kendrick Lama and Lupe Fiasco and posed the question “Who’s the better lyricist? Lupe Fiasco or Kendrick Lamar?”. the rapper responded and said “Lupe but…”.

The quoted repost tweet by Lupe was then later deleted off his official Twitter account, but surely fans had screenshot the post and shared it multiple times. The rapper caught the attention of another fellow rapper Punch who responded and said “Lol”. Many fans were surely

This is not the first that Lupe is saying he is better than Kendrick. In 2018 Lupe had stated that the “DAMN” rapper is not top tier. The rapper shared that the he said that because he was just being confrontational as that what the hip hop genre demands. Kendrick Lamar has a larger fanbase that strongly believe that he is atop tier rapper, Lupe’s opinion seems to have a lot of fans questioning the statement.

See A Screenshot Below Of Lupe’s Tweet From Anon Music:

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