50 Cent Reacts To News That Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Claims To Co-Own The Name “Dr. Dre”

50 Cent Reacts To News That Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Claims To Co-Own The Name “Dr. Dre”. 50 Cent is always following news, especially about his fellow rappers. The rapper took to social media to react at the news claims of Dr. Dre’s wife as they are in attempt to finalize their filed divorce. 50 is surely surprised at the demands and claims being made by Dre’s wife Nicole Young.

50 Cent has had his eye out in terms of following the Dr. Dre and Nicole Young divorce case. he followed the news starting from the moment when Nicole had decided to file for divorce. The “Candy Shop” rapper has now recently showcased that he is not a fan of Nicole amid her demands and her claims which somewhat show that she wants to leave with all Dre’s money.

50 posted on Instagram “[eye balls emoji] entitlement is a mother fucker, Hustle harder Hustle smarter available where all books are sold. #Starzplay get the app”. The captioned was accompanied by a screenshot of the news that report that Nicole claims to co-own the name “Dr. Dre”.

Nicole Young seems to be claiming to at least own half of her husbands wealth. Dr. Dre is a multi millionaire and now his wife want to fight and get most of his money for herself. Dre’s wife has been making million dollar request and she has been requesting all sorts of money form her husband.

50 has identified that Nicole is being entitled to all her husband wealth and , he surely does not agree with her demands and claims. New reports keep coming up ans Nicole keeps making new demands., just recently it has been reported that Nicole is embezzling money and draining business bank accounts.

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