Fans Are Not Pleased With Pop Smoke’s “Stop Snitching” Merch Collection

Fans are not pleased with Pop Smoke’s “Stop Snitching” merch collection. The “Stop Snitching” merch was released to accompany the deceased rappers posthumous album release, and his fans are not happy with the merch that was put out.

The ”Dior rappers’ fans have been excited for the release of is new posthumous album. 50 Cent served as executive producer of the album, he has also been engaging the rappers fans trough social media. Pop Smoke’s fans have been reacting as not pleased with many components that have to do with the album.

First fans reacted with backlash to the album cover art, now they are having issues with the merch made to promote the album. The merch was released in collaboration with Vlone which is a streetwear brand by A$ap Bari. The merch is called “Stop Snitching”and has an image of a rat being held at gunpoint with the label “stop snitching on the Woo”. Fans are questioning the relevance of this phrase and how it relates to the late rapper.

Steven Victor who is Pop’s manager released a video on Instagram marketing the merch. The merch shirt is describe to be irrelevant and not making sense. The fans state the snitch theme on the merch is a marketing tactic as snitching is a hot topic these days. Another rapper from New York is the one who made the snitch topic popular, therefore it does not relate to the Pop Smoke brand.

As the rappers fans demanded a new cover art, many argue that they will request for new relevant merch from the artists label.

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