Kendrick Lamar Addresses Rumors Claiming He Left TDE

Kendrick Lamar Addresses Rumors Claiming He Left TDE. Kendrick is not one to usually address rumors but this time the rapper finally decided to speak on the rumors that claimed he is leaving Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). The rapper finally spoke out to make it clear that he is not planning on leaving the TDE record label, he shared a playful video sharing that he is indeed not leaving the label.

Kendrick Lamar just yesterday decided to playfully dismiss the rumors that he was leaving TDE. The rapper has had a long standing singing with the record label and he has made it clear that his journey with label is not shortly ended and that he is still a part of the label. The many speculations that Kendrick was leaving TDE was just false rumors that had been circulated.

The 33 year old rapper shared a video which is considered as a PSA of him speaking as the visuals were of a stuffed animal from the kids show Blues Clues, the rapper showed that he was not taking the fasle rumors too seriously. Kendrick’s response was shared by TDE’s CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith on Instagram. The video of Kendrick speaking addressing the rumors has circulated all over social media.

In the video Kendrick says “Top, you got to stop them from smutting my name, man. They been smutting my name all year, man. You ain’t said nothing. Enough is enough. Got them saying I done shook the label and all that”. Kendrick was surely sharing that the news have been merely smuts and rumors. Later Top Dawg shared a picture of him and Kendrick to show that they wtill working together.

The speculations of the ‘DAMN’ rapper leaving the record label began the beginning of this week on the 5th of October. The rumors were shared by an online group called Antixbound which seams to always leak information about the rapper. It was shared that Kendrick was now moving to his own founded label, his new label pgLang was founded with former TDE boss Dave Free.

Even though another label has been started by Kendrick and Dave, Kendrick is still part of TDE. Kendrick since he was seen shooting a musc video with the label it means he is still set to drop many other projects with the label. pgLang will be another label which Kendrick is also a part of while having many other artists such as his cousin signed to the label and creative organization which is more than just a music or record label.

See Kendrick”s PSA Addressing The Rumors Below:

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