Soulja Boy Says He Changed The Whole Music Industry

Soulja Boy Says He Changed The Whole Music Industry.Rapper Soulja Boy is patting himself on the back and he is noticing his contributions as a rapper. The rapper is now claiming that he changed the entire music industry, many have agreed and say he deserves the credit he is giving himself as he has transformed the way artists utilize social media.

Soulja Boy who managed to become a superstar and push people to listen his music is giving himself credit as he believes the changed the way the entire music industry works. Even though he has not been as popular lately in the years he was popular and active he believes he managed to be instrumental to the music industry.

The ‘Young Drako’ rapper tweeted “I really changed the whole music industry. That’s crazy [thinking face emoji and flushed face emoji]”. Soulja surely notices his influential nature back in the days of when he started off as a rapper, he managed to gain a lot of world popularity and created a whole dance craze with his music. The tweet received over 90K reactions and many agree that he has changed the industry.

Many fans jumped on the tweet and commented on the many ways Soulja changed the music industry. the rappers fans mentioned on how he got his own first record deal at 16 using the internet, he changed the whole way of how artists get discovered and more people discovered artist on the internet. Other music industry transforming things Soulja Boy did was create whole culture and he managed to blow up back then through social media, he also managed to top charts with a self-produced single. The rapper fans are now pushing him to make a comeback so that he can shake the music industry,

Fans are really awaiting for Soulja Boy to make his big comeback , his old music embodied the now culture of Tik Tok corny dance moves and songs, he can find a way to come back and dominate in such platforms. A few years ago the rapper went against Tyga saying he would make a comeback but so far now new music has come from the “Crank Dat” rapper. Many can say that Soulja was just ahead of his time.

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