Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Left TDE To Run His Own Label

Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Left TDE To Run His Own Label. Kendrick Lamar is said to have left the TDE record label. The rappers days at TDE may be officially over. The news that the rapper has left the label have been circulating on social media and it has now been claimed and rumored that Kendrick has now recently launched his own music record label

Kendrick Lamar has been reported to the left the Top Dog Entertainment (TDE) record label, it has been also reported that the ‘DAMN’ rapper now has started his own label called pgLang. The rumor that Kendrick has lefty TDE came about when Antixbound claimed during an Instagram live that the Compton rapper ,Antixbound is not affiliated to the rapper or the label in any way but he has always leaked information about them

Kendrick’s new reported label pgLang is set to include Baby Keem, Jorja smith, Murder District and more. The new label by Kendrick was launched in March 2002, the label is described as a multilingual collective that will tell stories through media in ways that include music, film , television and books. To accompany the release of pgLang the rapper dropped a video directed by Dave Free with appearance by Yara Shahidi, Baby Keem and Jorja Smith.

The TDE president, Punch took to social media to address the rumors that the 33 year old rapper has left his label. he sent off a cryptic message saying that rumors always travel faster than the truth.The music president could not even try be mysterious and vague in his tweet and it seems there is more to the story about the rapper leaving his label.

Antixbound who is known for usually leaking information about Kendrick also shared that TDE did not know that the rapper started pgLang. Dave Free who worked with TDE is said to have left the label to work with Kendrick. It has also been largely said that Kendrick would be dropping an album this year and he was spotted recording a music video with TDE’s Top Dawg earlier in the months which showed that he might still be actively part of the label. It is still soon to be confirmed id the rapper as surely left the label for his own founded label.

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