Ty Dolla $ign Features Kanye West On New Single ‘Ego Death’

Ty Dolla $ign features Kanye West on New Single ‘Ego Death’. The 35 year old rapper Ty Dolla $ign says that he is blessed to work with hip hop legend Kanye West. The song also features female singer FKA Twigs and Skrillex. Ty chose these artists because he says he wanted to create something special and achieve greatness.

The Jesus Is King rapper Kanye West’s part of the single was recorded in Chicago and they used ad-libs for the final cut. Kanye’s part was a improvised part which was put in the song. The Blasé rapper explained in a press release on how he is honoured and blessed to work with Kanye and that he recognises him as a incredible genius that produces great hits.

FKA Twigs’s part of the song was recorded in London, and Skrillex’s part was recorded in Los Angeles. This means that Ty had to travel to 3 places to record the single. Ty describes the song as a special song because of the magic each featured artist brings into it.

The song was inspired after the Blasé rapper heard girls at a party describing a guy for what he did and said it was “death to his ego”. He then took those words and made it to a song and called ‘Ego Death”. In the lyrics of the song Ty explains instances that have bruised his ego, he sings “It hurt my ego when you walked away/Gave me your all, that wouldn’t make me stay”.

The song was released on the 1st of July, and has an animated cover art of the 4 artists in the song in a trippy state. The beats of the song borrows from classic house music. It features a club-breaking outro sang by female singer FKA Twigs. The single is Kanye and Ty’s second work together after producing ‘Fade“.

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