Ice Cube Demands Retraction From Media Labelling Him Anti-Semitic

Ice Cube demands retraction from media labelling him Anti-Semitic. The gangster rapper has taken legal action and is demanding a retraction from the media as they have falsely labelled him as Anti Semitic. The media has labelled him based on his tweets and other actions which are considered to be Anti-Semitic propaganda.

The Compton rapper had a whole expose featured about him on The Daily Beast, which showed the ways in which he had a anti-Semitic (hostility toward a Jew or the Jewish religion) past. The online news platform published a detailed article on the 11th of June 2020 stating that the rapper and actor has anti-Semitic lyrics and has been posting memes which are anti-Semitic.

Ice Cube has also allegedly been stated to have requested for a rabbi (Jewish pries) to be beaten up in 2015. This case is the main case which is described as the rappers acts of Anti-Semitism.

Ice Cube went on Twitter to confront the various people who had been labelling him. He posted a drafted letter which outlines the demands which the rapper is making in terms of the situation. He also states details on the 2015 case of the rabbi. He is requesting a retraction and an apology. In the caption of the letter he wrote “Don’t play with me. This is just phase one.” He also posts a photograph of Marlon Stern who is the executive editor of The Daily Beast which posted an article of him being an anti-Semitic.

The rapper did not take the accusations made about him lightly, as there has been many other articles which seem to be labelling him wrongly. Him demanding for an apology and retraction is to make sure that he does not have bad publicity that may tarnish his career and future.

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