6ix 9ine Reveals The Last Messages XXXTentacion Sent Him

6ix 9ine Reveals The Last Message XXXTentacion Sent Him. The last messages XXX sent to his friend 6ix 9ine are shockingly about matters of life and safety for the deceased rapper.

During the rainbow haired rappers Instagram Live on Wednesday the 8th of June 2020, the rapper read DM’s between him and XXX, the messages were from 2018, just before 6ix 9ine was in prison. XXX also implied another incident which shows 6ix’s other incarcaration case which happened before his death.

The one message reads ” Yo, be sa Ok? Nebver let your guard down.” The other mesage reads “When you get out, move smarter, more patient and more relaxed.” XXC had been giving somewhat advide to his freind ^ix as he had been in alot of compromising situations.

On the live Instagram video the ‘Gooba’ rapper the adressed how rappers who travel with security are not tough, but on the same hand he expressed if XXX had personal protection it would have prevented him from being killed. 6ix goes on explaining that XXX was looking out for him, 6ix went on and said “Matter of fact, X said this, Dont lwt your guard down.’ Same thingwith Pop Smoke , Nipsey Hussle. You dont move with security, youre p*ssy/ You need to change the f*ckin game. If you withe security doesnt make you p*ssy, it makes you smart. If X, whos my friend, woulda had security, we wouldve had a legend in the maming still alive.”

6ix 9ines notion of security could have been a possible preventive measure that could have saved the “Bad Vibed Forever” rapper from being killed. If he had security he wqould have had protection from the people that robbed and shot him in the incident of his death.

XXXTentacion was shot in his car after he had been shopping for a motorcycle at Riva Motorspots. He was followed by 3 cars who followed him after withdrwaing money. The men who foloowed him were also spotted taking a Loius Vuitton bag from XXX’s car. XXX was transported to hospital after the shooting, he later died in hospital on that same day. 5 men were then arrested for robbing and murdering the rapper.

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