Kanye West Say’s He’s Done With Trump And Shares About Presidential Politics

Kanye West Say’s He’s Done With Trump And Shares About Presidential Politics. Kanye West recently took to Twitter that he will be running for president in 2020. Following the post he had various interviews which were to seek more information from him about his decision. The rapper has shared new ideas on his take on politics and other presidential issues

Kanye West revealed in his 4 hours phone call interview that he is running for president under a new banner “The Birthday Party” with guidance from Elon Musk, with also an obscurevice presidential candidate which he has chosen. Kanye expressed ” I’m doing to win” , as he explained that his aim is to win the elections as he wins many other things in his life.

Kanye was very clear on the fact that he no longer supports President Donald Trump. Previously the rapper had been seen problematically supporting Donald Trump. He now said ” I am taking the red hat of”, this expressed that he is done with Trump. He further sated that he has lost hope in him as a president.

The “Jesus Is King ” rapper also shared shocking news that he has never voted in his life. This is seen as very odd as it seemed that the rapper would seem to support many aspects that have to do with the running of the country.

Kanye shared personal information that he had Covid 19 and that he sees vaccines as the “mark of the devil” he added on saying that he is suspicious that there might be a vaccine that people do not know about.

Kanye’s shared his vision for the White House when he is president , he says he envisions the White House organizational model based on the secret country of Wakanda in Black Panther.

The rapper has missed deadlines to get on ballots in many states due to his Covid 19 issue, but he says he has 30 days to make a plan and argument so that he gets on the ballots. He says he will discuss his issues with Jared Kushner and Joe Biden. Kanye says he is definitely running for president this year and has many presidential plans to execute.

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