Moniece Slaughter Makes Serious Allegations Against Dr. Dre

Moniece Slaughter Makes Serious Allegations Against Dr. Dre! Moniece Slaughter appeared to confirm the dating rumors that Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones have found themselves in a few days ago. She went further to  claim that the couple have been together “for a while”. The Love & Hip Hop Star has since started sharing some serious allegations about Dr. Dre. For her to start divulging such sensitive information, many are of the opinion something must have transpired.

Moniece Slaughter Makes Serious Allegations Against Dr. Dre

The last few years have seen several women make allegations about Dr. Dre, alleging that the mega producer has been abusive to them. Moniece Slaughter claims that at first, she never wanted to believe the rumors but after having a few conversations over the weekend, she is now certain that Dr. Dre is indeed a “woman beater”.

“You know what, I did not want to believe that [Dr.] Dre was a woman beater but after the couple of phone calls that I literally just had, he’s a woman beater,” a confident Moniece said on Instagram Live. “For sure.”

It remains unclear though who Moniece spoke to over the phone, or whether she is referring to Dr Dre’s current alleged entanglement with Apryl Jones. She also did not divulge any details of the alleged abuse that she’s accusing Dr. Dre of. We can only wait with the hope that she might just elaborate in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops.

Dr. Dre has been linked to dating rumors with Apryl Jones after they were spotted having dinner last week. This comes in the midst of Dre’s bitter divorce dispute with his estranged wife Nicole Young, and a few weeks following his hospitalization after suffering a brain aneurysm.

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