Dr. Dre Has Agreed To Pay USD 2 Million Spousal Support To Estranged Wife

Dr. Dre Has Agreed To Pay USD 2 Million Spousal Support To Estranged Wife – Dr. Dre, while still admitted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he is still recovering from a reported brain aneurysm, there has been a new development in his much contentious divorce case with estranged wife Nicole Young.

According to reports by TMZ, the legendary producer and rapper has agreed to give USD 2 Million in spousal support. His estranged wife has held on to this demand since filing for divorce in June 2020. Dre is required to issue a “one-time check”for the time being, at least pending their next scheduled hearing in April.

The good thing for Dre with the court ruling dated Wednesday January 6 2020, is that he won’t suffer a complete loss as he won’t have to part ways with an additional USD 5 Million in legal fees that Nicole Young was asking for, nor will he cover her security costs. Dr. Dre is to pay for Young’s living expenses at their Malibu estate, in addition to her mother’s Pacific Palisades home for the next couple of months.

The deal was struck by Dr. Dre’s and Young’s attorneys in court Wednesday (January 6) but Dre was forced to sign the agreement from his hospital bed in at Cedars-Sinai.

Dr. Dre was taken ill Monday after suffering brain aneurysm (January 3) and was rushed by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai. He was admitted directly to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where doctors ran a series of tests with every effort to determine the origin of his bleeding.

Even as hip hop community waited with baited breath, the superstar broke silence and issued a message via Instagram assuring everyone he was doing well.

The couple’s divorce case is one marred by ugly accusations with Young accusing Dre of abuse, cheating and fathering children outside of their marriage.

Dre on the other hand accuses his wife of 24 years of pilfering hundreds of thousands of dollars from Record One Studios, a company she co-founded with Dr. Dre in 2015.

The case revolves around a prenuptial agreement Young reportedly signed in 1996, which she wants rendered null and void because he allegedly ripped it up one night as some kind of romantic gesture.

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