Yeezy Sues Former Intern

Yeezy Sues Former Intern! Kanye West’s apparel and footwear brand, Yeezy sues former intern For NDA Breach according to the Hollywood Reporter. The intern had reportedly worked for the Company from  February 2020 until August of 2020.

The suit was filed at at the Los Angeles County Court. The Company alleges that by posting unauthorized photos on his Instagram page, the former summer intern Ryan Inwards breached a nondisclosure agreement. It’s also claimed that the former intern didn’t remove the confidential photos despite several cease and desist letters. He continued to post unauthorized materials to the public on social media through his personal accounts.

Apparently the contract Ryan Inwards signed had a liquidated damages clause and the brand is now suing Inwards for $500, 000 in liquidated damages. The provision places an upfront price tag on contractual breaches in order to ensure compliance.

Yeezy brand further believes the former intern posted the photos out of malice.

In addition to the $500, 000, the Company is also suing for an undisclosed amount in punitive damages. They are further seeking an injunction that would compel the former intern to surrender the photos and ban him from posting similar photos in the future.

The suit comes in the wake of Kanye’s rumors of an imminent divorce with wife Kim Kardashian who has reportedly  sought the services of top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser who is handling settlement talks.

The couple have kept a low profile, choosing not to comment publicly on  the matter. Kim Kardashian has been spotted severally without her wedding ring in recent weeks.

Also the couple has not been spotted together for the better part of 2020 although there were reports that they planned to re-unite at the Wyoming ranch over Christmas. However Kanye West was conspicuously absent as Kim and her family gathered in Lake Tahoe to celebrate the holidays.

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