6ix 9ine Drops New Song ‘Yaya’

6is 9ine drops new song ‘Yaya’. The rainbow haired rapper has released the song as he announced to release his last song while in house arrest. He has released a Spanish hip hop song called Yaya.

Yaya is the 3rd song 6ix 9ine has released while being in house arrest. The 2 other songs which he has released is ‘Gooba’ and ‘Trollz’ featuring female rapper Nicki Minaj. The controversy-trolling rappers’ 3 songs are musically different but maintain a vivid colourful aspect to them.

In the song Yaya the rapper sings and raps in Spanish. This a whole new different sound as compared to his hard hitting and sharped edge songs which he raps in English. The song has been translated by a lot of online platforms, the song translates as “I needed a girl like that/ To put my hand in her skirt/ Its obvious that she’s now saint/ Like me. she’s got a taste for evil”.

He posted a clip of the song’s music video and asked his fans to share it. Many of his fans have shared the video and are jamming to this new Spanish-vibe groovy song . In the video of the song he is seen dancing with a number of women, dressed in colourful wear.

The Trollz hitmaker has been reported to have signed a $10 million deal with 10k Projects. He is expected to release a Spanish album and a English album. Fans should be expecting more bigger songs and video content from the rapper.

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