Jay-Z’s Team Roc Calls For Prosecution Of Police Office

Jay-Z’s Team Roc calls for prosecution of police officer. The Roc Nation owner and rapper’s social injustice initiative Team Roc calls for the prosecution of a police officer who has shot and killed 3 men.

Team Roc which is a initiative started by Jay-Z‘s record label and team, it looks into cases that are injustices done to citizens of colour in the United States. The initiative has been currently focusing on cases of police shootings and police brutality. Their Twitter account shares these cases and they usually want to make these unknown cases brought close to the public’s eye.

Officer Joseph Mensah is the officer the team wants prosecuted, he was found to have acted in self defence in two of the shootings, the third case involving the officer shooting and killing a civilian is still under investigation. Even though he claims to have acted in defence, he has too many cases of him killing citizens. He has shot and killed Antonio Gonzales, Jay Anderson and Alvin Cole. The three men are all men of colour and this is shedding light upon the fact that many men of colour are being killed by police officers.

Team Roc released a full page ad addressing a district attorney who is working on the case. The page release states ” How many more people must die in the hands of Officer Joseph Mensah”. The article described the ways on which Officer Joseph has been problematic since he has entered the police department. The social justice initiative is calling for the immediate termination of Officer Joseph’s job.

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