Soulja Boy Sued By Former Personal Assistant For Sexual Assault

Souljaboy Sued By Former Personal Assistant For Sexual Assault! According to the People, a report shows that Soulja Boy is being sued by a former personal assistant for sexual assault. A woman by the name Jane Doe filed a lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday (January 21) accusing Soulja Boy of sexual assault. The woman alleges the rapper held her hostage, assaulted her sexually, inflicted emotional distress, created a toxic work environment and failed to pay her wages she rightfully earned while serving as his employee.

In the suit, the woman also alleges that she was hired by Soulja Boy in Dec. 2018 for $500 a week, but was made to go above and beyond what was required of her as a personal assistant. She also cooked, cleaned, styled his hair, and she was made to be available 20 hours per day, seven days a week on multiple occasions. After less than a month of employment, she says he was already sending her “unsolicited pictures of his penis.” 

The woman further alleges that Soulja Boy was often jealous and mad, once kicking, body slamming and punching her repeatedly in the head. After one of such incidences, Soulja Boy allegedly said, “I should have killed you.”

“Way’s treatment of our client, as an employee and as a person who deserves respect, has traumatized and filled her with fear,” said attorney Neama Rahmani in the press release. “His abuse imprisoned her physically, mentally and emotionally. When she mastered the courage to flee, he impoverished her. His exploitation severely hampered our client’s ability to re-establish herself in the workplace and in society. We believe he should be held accountable.”

The rapper was arrested for stopping his probation in 2019 and sentenced to 8 months in prison with time served. Upon his release, he promised to reform but here we are again, as he faces some quite heavy allegations.

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